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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
* Give Thorin -4 to stealth or -2 INT/WIS.

* Nerf Dal-I-Thalion's speed bonus to +2 or +3 on the theory that it's a bit too good as stands.

* Nerf Sting's blows bonus to +1, and remove its speed bonus.
Thorin: why? Thorin is pretty essential item because of +4 CON, I rather would give other shields bonus to compete with it. Like what I wrote to other thread, Haradrim +2 PVAL instead of +1 and remove blows/shots.

I really mean essential, not overpowered. CON bonus is valuable and there are several class/race selections that just plain need that +4 CON (and usually also STR), so it isn't really overpowered, it just doesn't have competition.

Dal-I-Thalion gives only DEX bonus in addition to speed, just drop both. +4 would be enough, and it would still be useful with +3 because conf resist. However dropping speed too low would make BoS too tempting. Even +5 BoS would be better than Dal-i-Thalion with +3 speed (yes, speed is that powerful IMO).

You say that artifact boots compete with non-BoS egos. I disagree. They need to compete with BoS-egos, not non BoS. Otherwise you see them only as swap items.

Sting: that would make it next to useless. Any good big-dice westernesse +2 or weapon of extra blows +2 would then beat it. Sting is already weak, even with speed bonus, no need to make it any weaker.
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