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I think temporary loss of item flags would be interesting so long as restore item scrolls put the flags back...with the caveat that losing fire resistance right before getting breathed on by a great hell wyrm or some such could easily be deadly. Sure, that probably wouldn't happen in one turn, but if you aren't carrying restore item it could happen before you manage to recall.

Actually, that probably wouldn't be too bad - it would mean that if you were lacking disenchantment resistance, stacking multiple items that give the same basic resistance would finally have a use, and it would be prudent to carry around sources of temporary resistance. Strategy!

Temporary ring brands also sound like a good idea, since branding rings were fun but overpowered items. One question, though - do timed item activations automatically wear off if you take off the item in question? They probably should if this is implemented, to prevent players from benefiting from brands on rings they carry as swaps.

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