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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
My response for that would be: "Do you really want to commit suicide [y/n]? Please verify SUICIDE by typing the '@' sign"
So much for knees and keyboards.
In many many cases there is only one item in your selections that has some vital feature. Resist poison, ESP, see_inv, FA, confusion. Losing any of those would make game unplayable (unless you like challenge games).
Really? So every time you fall through a trap door with that longsword(4d5) in sight, you quit and start over? Or at least if it's an "essential" like something with ESP or FA? Or does it not matter if you never had the item in the first place?

I'm not going to try and change your mind, and I'm not surprised you don't like the idea. Personally I haven't fought Mim or either of his sons for about four years - ever since I learned from Eddie that I don't have to fight everything I see.
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