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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
Don't know that I like the general philosophy underlying many of the feature branch changes, now that I've done a paladin and rogue runthrough. Relying more on devices and consumables is all well and good, but it just means playing more like a warrior. And I think the distribution of some of those consumables/devices needs to be looked at. (E.g., stone to mud seems very rare deep in the dungeon.) The inability to Banish or Mass Banish in vaults or special rooms (often difficult to identify, resulting in wasted scrolls, charges, or mana) is what, supposed to "balance" the game? It just makes the game more tedious.
Thanks for the testing and the feedback.

I see your point about using devices and consumables. The aim here is to make the magic realms feel a bit more different from each other - it seems to me that in current V there are a bunch of spells that everyone gets for basically "he gets it why can't I" reasons. It's likely that I've overdone this a bit. And drop rates certainly need to be looked at.

There has certainly been a lot of whingeing about the banishment issue (some of it not from you ); how does confining the banish ban to greater vaults sound?. I think there are actually a few issues with vaults in 4.1 - there are still too many occurring, and Gwarl has kindly pointed out to me how much more sensibly they are handled in his variant. So I probably want to do a bit of a rework anyway.
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