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Thanks everyone for an extremely helpful discussion

I now have several things to do for 4.1.3; here's my plan:
  1. ID - this is remaining unchanged (I get the +to-hit etc issue, but I think the current system is probably still best). I know this was a big one for you, Egavactip, but weight of opinion over a long time is in favour of the new system
  2. Curses - look at making them a bit rarer, and possibly more rarer earlier
  3. Traps - Reduce frequency a lot, especially early
  4. Level generation - no change for now; I think there's a reasonable acceptance of the new algorithm. I really like Grotug's idea, and I actually think some more variety would be good. Do note that you can change the frequency of the algorithms by editing dungeon_profile.txt
  5. Rubble - yeah, different tile for passable rubble. That was an oversight on my part
  6. Breath animation - I'll reduce the default base delay factor
  7. Doors opening out of sight, etc - I think this is probably still an improvement, but I have some sympathy with Pete's point of view (and in fact, Pete, it is really this code (or its intersection with the object code) that is causing most problems). No change for now

Any more comment on any of these is of course welcome.
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