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Object detection and ID - a proposal

Three stages of item knowledge:
  1. Item is sensed - as with current Treasure Detection. The object list shows an "unknown object"
  2. Item is seen - as currently when the player actually sees the object, or Rogue's Object Detection spell. The object list shows a Sling (x2), or a Pink Potion (if the flavour isn't known) or a Potion of Infravision (if the flavour is known).
  3. Item is known - as currently after reading ?ID, or getting full ID by use. The object list shows the full name.

Stage 1 and 2 are gained as currently. Stage 3 is gained immediately on stepping onto the item square. Magical ID and ID by use are obsolete and removed.

Variation: Flavoured, non-wearable items still need to be ID'd by use.

Please shoot this down as hard as you can, I'll try to defend it, and we'll see if it's still flying when we're done.
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