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Originally Posted by debo View Post
I think the biggest issue with that proposal is the number of players who will freak the heck out at the idea of selling going away for good.
I should note that as someone who likes selling, I've never used it as a way of identifying things, and would be completely happy for shops to A, refuse to buy unidentified items, or B, give you a pittance and make the item disappear without identifying it or putting it back on sale. (What I personally like about the selling minigame is the occasional fun opportunity to sell almost literally everything you're wearing and carrying in exchange for a single awesome item like speed boots, and then try to survive long enough to collect more gear again.)

Also, if we switch to solely using ID-by-use for consumables, it ought to be proper instant ID 100% of the time, not the annoying system we have now where you can't tell a potion is Boldness unless you're already scared or a scroll is Detect Invisible unless you're standing near a Clear Icky Thing. (I'm in favour of this change being made regardless of any other changes to ID, because it's purely an interface annoyance that doesn't stop experienced players being aware what that {tried} item is 99% of the time anyway.)
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