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Originally Posted by Therem Harth View Post

Hmm. This is interesting. My thoughts are
- Learning/reading runes sounds a bit annoying
It wouldn't be something you do on a continual basis - you setup your spell list to your style of game play. You have a set of spells you always use, and a couple you switch out as the circumstances require. And a dedicated magic user will have enough slots to memorise all the runes be end-game anyway. It's if your running a hybrid character that you might have to do a bit of rune juggling, but that's the price you pay for wanting the best of both worlds

- The idea of only warriors being able to enchant equipment seems very, very wrong
Yeah, I get that - but it seemed only fair to balance it against magic users being able to craft wands/staves/rods/scrolls. I figured it was like smithing, but without the forge

I guess we could make rings and amulets craftable by both
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