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Originally Posted by PowerDiver View Post
I hope not. The fact you haven't had a dozen people shoot down this idea really makes me sad.

If the game requires skill, there should be decisions. Hard decisions. Thinking should be the bottleneck, not typing.

I don't think I've ever won much faster than 10 hours over 4 separate sittings. I could imagine 8 hours might have been possible for me back then, but I am probably kidding myself. That would have been playing a harder version of 3.0 but with ID on walkover. Fast ID makes a huge difference.

There was a famous guy named Lev before my time. I never interacted with him. One of his proud achievements was a win in a 24 hour window, I believe.

Has the game become so infantile three hours is even a discussion?

I know 3.1+ was such a joke that I eventually resorted to playing egoless, but I keep reading the game is supposedly less broken now.
are you sure you're not seeing a problem where when is not? I play competitive chess. I might play for 5hrs, think for half an hour on 1 move, still make a bad mistake & think the time control was not enough. I also play lightning (5 minutes each). A lightning game never holds the same standard for me, but is still a great game, just very different. I, was about to waffle on a bit explaining, but... the real difference between speed running a game & playing carefully? Play & see. Different standards. Different game. Both fun. Don't be an elitist about this.
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