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Originally Posted by DirtyHippy View Post

So I said to myself at several points, "maybe weapons noted as two handed weapons are really one handed in the game". But I never bothered trying one on. Mainly because when you call a weapon a "zweihander" you just kind of assume that it is a two handed weapon. The very existence of such a weapon tends to indicate the concept exists.
The character in my latest run wielded a short sword in one hand and an awl-pike in the other at some point. Of course, as a half-troll it seems slightly less weird. I'm a bit uncertain if the beaked axe is two-handed, but if it is, then the final setup before dying included dual-wielding a polearm and a spear.

EDIT: Sorry, I just realized that this thread was about vanilla angband. I was linking to a PosChengband game. I don't think you can dual-wield in standard angband, so my character would be carrying a shield instead. Slightly more realistic for polearms, but still a problem for 2H swords and possibly flails.

This, however, is not remotely as weird as playing two guitars and a harmonica (all two-handed instruments) while chopping down trees with an axe (usually a two-handed action), which is possible in Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead.

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