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Lets take a page out of rolemaster and use a similar formula.
The following are factors - actual values need to be playtested:
1. Inherent spell level
2. Caster level
3. Target level
4. Specific resistance
5. Random die roll

If the result is over a certain value, you get full spell effect. ( rm also had criticals..)
Below a minimum, no effect, and in a range, variable partial effect.

1 doesnt need to be exactly the casting level, it can be a modifier a specific spell has (e.g. "annihilate" +20).

Obviously, this approach requires a whole lot more coding...

This way, instead of having spells have no/rarely effect, or always effect and thus OP, you generally have a partial effect (e.g. light stun, 2 round confusion, slowed -3, etc) with occasionally either full status or none at all.

The stronger you are (and weaker the target) the more likely a full effect, with the opposite also true.
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