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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
Two different concepts. Two different posts.

Right now the advantages over rogue is a small hit bonus and a small hp bonus.
You should pay attention to more than just the clvl-50 analysis. Of course warriors don't stand out very well in the endgame; that's when all the other classes have finished putting together their bags of tricks, everyone is at max stats, etc. But if that were all that mattered, we'd start the game at dlvl99 with perfect equipment and inventory.

The great advantage of warriors is that they're strong from the start of the game. The other classes, even the hybrids, have much slower starts. They have to split their stats more carefully, because they have a casting stat to support in addition to the physical stats. Their combat is therefore substantially weaker, and their other tricks aren't all that great (especially for the hybrids). Meanwhile, warriors come roaring out of the gate and can blitz the first 2000' at least with ease. Between their class modifiers and the lack of a casting stat to worry about, they have fantastic STR/DEX/CON.

I'm not saying you can't play quickly with other classes (you can certainly powerdive faster if you have a reliable means of stair detection), just that warriors handle a fast-and-loose playstyle much better than the other classes do, at least in the early game.

Once everyone's finished stat gain, warriors lose some of their shine. At that point all they really have going for them is a bigger hit die, a higher STR/DEX/CON cap -- which equipment modifiers eventually make largely irrelevant -- and a slightly better melee blows formula.

Incidentally, HP comparisons are easy to make. CON bonuses are identical for all classes, so if we assume that everyone maxes CON, then the only difference between classes is the hit die. Every extra side on your hit die (every +d1) is on average equal to +25 HP at the end of the game. Warriors have a +d9 hit die (on top of the racial hit die), mages have +d0, rogues and paladins have +d6. This is ignoring the fact that mages are more likely to play as gnomes (d8 hit die) and warriors more likely to play as half-trolls (d12 hit die).
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