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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
Because the reality of the game is that it takes 3 minutes to get to CL4 and that hp score will affect you for hours and hours. If you roll a mage and you have 20hp instead of 60hp, everyone will restart. Math doesnt count when the player experience dictates otherwise.
a) you're not going to get a 40HP differential with your mage. Let's say we have a mage with a d8 hit die (average 4.5HP/level) and no CON bonus; if we're looking at a 60HP mage, they're about level 13 (start with 8 HP at level 1, then 52 / 4.5 = 11.55). To instead have only 20HP at level 13, you'd have to roll a 1 on your hit die literally every level, at odds of 1 in 8^12 or about 1 in 69 billion.

b) the kinds of HP differentials you actually get in gameplay (i.e. instead of your statistically impossible strawman) are irrelevant to mages because all that really matters is that they die instantly to any remotely relevant threat. Whether you have 40 or 60 HP at dlvl 20 doesn't really make a difference.

c) stop worrying about whether you're getting a fair game and just play the game. Roll with the punches the RNG gives you. It's more fun that way. Are you going to reroll until you get "good enough" treasures in your first dungeon dive? That has way more of an impact on your survivability than getting fewer HP than you "should" have.
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