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Originally Posted by takkaria View Post
At some point, if you start adding checks to gamedata files, you end up with a (hard to understand and nonstandard) scripting language... at which point you might as well just add one. Angband tried this around version 3 and it was taken out in 3.0.7 because it was badly implemented and no-one liked it. I suspect there is limited appetite to re-incorporate one.
If it would be simple - it would be alright. Checks which I proposed are pretty simple - not need to know anything about coding, scripting, lua etc; they are ideal for game designers; with such checks they could achieve almost everything.

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Yeah, I've already been down that road a bit with object_power.txt, which I suspect was overreach.
object_power.txt.. Before you noted it, I didn't check this file; now after a first glance - I didn't get what is it, until I've checked it's decription in object.txt:

# 'power' is used in calculating the power of the object for pricing and generating random artifacts. It reflects the power of the effect of the object; other properties are taken into account separately in power calculation.
Ok, now I understand how it works

Why I wrote my experience about this file? To show that it is _advanced_ stuff which is nice to have, but it's not obligatory. It's more close to coding stuff, than to game design; pretty deep thing. I suppose if it would be in the code it would be less comfortable to change this; so it's great to have! But a moderate game designer wouldn't use such type of customization for a long time.

I'm speaking about simple, but powerful stuff, which could give 'common' non-coding people ways to customize the game.

I think customization with checks and stuff could be limited to this files:
- object.txt
- monster.txt
- class.txt
- p_race.txt
- trap.txt

It would be more than enough to make a loads of innovative stuff which would provide players and game designers possilities to bring more interesting ideas and variants. It would enhance Angband customization enormously, would make really advancing (in possibilities, not in complexity) game design accessible for _everyone_, not only coders.
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