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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
"Almost everything"? If you're a racist, maybe Why should it be limited to player's race? What about class, stats, equipment, state (blind, hungry, wounded...), level type (classic, caverns), level depth... and all other things. Being limited to race is more like "almost nothing".
Please read previous messages. We are speaking about checks to gamedata files. Checks, Carl. Simple 'if' statements.

So.. "Limited to player's race"? Erm. What ar y speaking about, sir? Maybe you read the forum with mobile device and missed something? I've listed several basic files:

Originally Posted by tangar View Post
- object.txt
- monster.txt
- class.txt
- p_race.txt
- trap.txt
Stuff which you are listed ("class, stats, equipment, state") could be customized within this files with checks with a lot of success. "level type (classic, caverns)" and "level depth" modification do not really require checks in gamedata, it's too 'deep' stuff which should be modded in code.

So I've listed this files as minimal basis which conclude the most crucial points of gameplay where 'if' statements would make the most important features for game design.

Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
This is already possible. If you want to do some programming, you'd better learn some programming language (such as C).
It's obvious that it's possible. Everything is possible. It's possible to write Angband in assembler. Please note that this topic called "Customization of gamedata files" and it's about enhancing staff in \lib\gamedata folder; enhancing Angband 'game engine'.

Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
Speaking of "accessible", have you ever tried to translate Angband to, say, Russian? Doesn't it bother you that a lot of text is so thoroughly hardcoded into the game? (even grammar is hardcoded - plurals, articles)... Reminds me of Poschengband's "#ifdef JP"...
How come this question related to the subject which we discuss there? But actually there is Angband in Russian: So what?

Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
As you see, Angband is not even supposed to be "accesible to _everyone_".
Such counterproductive 'elitism' approach wouldn't help to move Angband and roguelike genre forward. Ability to code and ability to create game design - it's different areas of creativity/technology. In early time all developers had to do everything by themself; but now there are instruments which could bring more people to the development process. And it could be not only brainstorm on Nick's ideas on forum (with all respect, I enjoy this discussions!), but actually giving community powerful tool for game design - a real 'game engine'.

And it's almost there, I'll say current customization looks like an 'alpha' version atm. It's provide a lot of interesting possibilities, eg even simple 'RANDOM' statement, which mentioned Takkaria, could bring loads of fun and experimentation to the gameplay and make it much more deep.

And considering myself, as you've noted: "If you want to do some programming, you'd better learn some programming language (such as C)" - I'm learning C atm (it's not too hard as I had some experience in PHP and it seems all languages have quite similar principles). But it doesn't make this concept less valuable for me. Customization is future of Angband. This is next wave of 'open-source' approach - gives community direct access to the development process.
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