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You have pretty good gear, all things considered. Dor-Lomin, Thorin/Gil-Galad, Eol, etc. are all quite strong. What you're missing is damage, speed, and levels. Sting is an OK weapon but not really what I'd consider endgame-quality. Ideally you'd have a stronger weapon that would let you swap out your lesser damage ring for a Ring of Speed +10 or greater. Note that increasing your speed by +10 is effectively a 50% damage boost (because you get 50% more frequent turns), which is more than you're getting from the +10 damage ring currently.

Since you're wearing Eol, you aggravate monsters, meaning that you will never find them asleep. You may want to switch to non-aggravating gloves, which would make it easier to avoid fights. If you decide not to, then you can wear as many aggravating items as you like -- aggravation does not stack.

I'm surprised that you ditched both Belthronding and Bard. They would do substantially more ranged damage than Amros does, at the cost of having fewer stat bonuses. Ranged may not be your strong suit as a paladin but there are plenty of times when it comes in handy.

Your extra higher-level books (Ethereal Openings on up) are unnecessary. They're all fireproof and your DEX is high enough that you're theftproof.

Your Resist Heat potion is unnecessary as you can cast Resist Heat and Cold.

You should have more Phase Door scrolls. I typically aim for having 15 when I go into the dungeon.

You should have Scrolls of Teleport and Teleport Level, to help you escape when things go poorly. Teleport is risky at this depth (it can easily dump you into a dangerous situation), but since Teleport Level can be hard to come by, ordinary Teleport sometimes has to do. Relatedly, since you don't have protection from both blindness and confusion, you should have a Staff of Teleport, which can be used when blinded and/or confused.

Rods of Curing are unreliable, especially when you're afflicted by status ailments. Carry potions of Cure Serious/Critical Wounds instead; they work 100% of the time.

You should be carrying Staves of Speed as much as possible, and hoarding Potions of Speed at home for the final fights.

I prefer to use scrolls of Word of Recall instead of rods, because then I don't have to wait for the rod to recharge before getting out of a bad level. Unlikely but it does happen sometimes.
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