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Originally Posted by Mondkalb View Post
I can't remember ever getting 10 rods of any kind, they are too rare for that. I ususally maybe end up with 4 light or lightning bolts.
Thank you, that's actually quite helpful, and gives me some food for thought.

The reason that does not apply to MAngband (which is Multiplayer Angband), is that we're running a semi-persistent world, while the dungeon levels are still generated randomly, the town stays the same, and it's quite possible for people to accumulate any desired amounts of any items they wish for, given they dive carefully and spend enough time doing it. (That part, I believe, is true to V too).

That might be a problem by itself, but the system worked quite well for all other consumable items, because there's always some kind of penalty involved for each item: scrolls run out, wands/staves can backfire, etc. But rods just stay with you (unless destroyed/stolen by a monster, but that applies to everything, so doesn't really count as "rod penalty"), they recharge automatically, they don't backfire...
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