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close scraps and probably no treasure...

I am on DL52 and nearly die a whole bunch of times. I sorta wish I had recorded the level cause I don't even remember all the things that nearly killed me (Time hounds were high on the list, though). I killed all the Time hounds. I killed the hasty ent. I killed the hellhounds (after they destroyed a ?Banishment I just picked up >.<. There was no permanent vault on the level, only a small vault on the lower left of the map. So not expecting much but doing my duty to be sure nothing of note was on this 6-7 level (after nearly clearing the entire illuminated level without TO thanks to being a high elf warrior and wielding a 6d6 weapon), lo and behold actually some decent stuff in the vault, including two artifact weapons and a ring of power +4 DEX, +4 CON, +4 Speed, pConf, rPois, FrAct and immunity to cold. Not bad! Takes my speed up to +10 and I am ready to win da game sans anymore lazy/sloppy play.

For some reason I'm not a fan of "difficulty levels" in Angband. I find the old system of experience penalties for easier races much more appealing and interesting. Half Troll warrior at least has bad stealth and is good at setting off traps to compensate for all his great early game power, but a high elf really has no faults or penalties at all.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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