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Originally Posted by pav View Post
You may still want to set white foreground - it can get embedded into the page that redefines font color to something else, like light blue here on forums...
Happily, this is an easy fix (also fixed the html version). Code updated.

Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Test of V angband
OK, this is now in V. There are 3 differences with Leon's version
  • get_default_tile removed; now works by resetting the preferences and using Term_what() (UnAngband)
  • No COLOR= emitted for change to white.
  • No COLOR= emitted for color "change" for unknown grid (' '); color change is deferred to next visible character. This makes a big (20%) difference, at least in V.
1. Excellent!
2. Yes, I shouldn't have changed that. It's back.
3. The code above does this and, yes, I discovered that it does give a slight reduction in file size versus the code previously in V. The line I changed was:
			/* Color change */
			if (oa != a)
			/* Color change -- only for non-space */
			if ((a != oa) && (c != ' '))
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