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Should Angband have easy/difficult 'levels'?

I haven't won angband in ages, although I have a character who I assume is just in 'end phase' - aka just trolling around dlvl 98, looking for kit.

I was wondering if the difficulty of angband could be increased, perhaps a 'difficult' setting for people who want something more challenging.
It's nice to keep 'normal' 'as is' for people who haven't won before.

It shouldn't be such a massive jump as going Ironman/artifactless,
Nor do I think it should make the game more tedious, like say,
making pseudo ID take a lot longer, or dramatically reducing the probability of ego item/artifact generation. ( Which doesn't necessarily make the game harder, just longer )

The idea should be to make it harder, but in an interesting/fun way.

I was thinking things like:
1) higher monster density/level, so it's harder to just hop on a level and explore around without fighting things. (maybe not for the initial room the character enters a level in, so it's not instadeath city )
2) Reduce stealth so monsters wake up a bit faster
3) Remove the quiver ( multi shot isn't so abusive if you run out of ammo easier! )
4) ego/artifact generation probably does need to be toned down a bit
5) Reducing inventory slots would be very interesting even it's just 1-2 slots.
6) Avoid ego item generation in stores. One of my characters bought boots of speed (+9) from the armor store, and it was only 50K!
7) It would be very interesting to 'cap' the number of torches/flasks of oil you can buy from the general store, making the quest for permanent light more critical/satisfying. Maybe even do this for food, so dungeon food becomes more interesting.


- Frank
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