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"Monsters learn from their mistakes" doesn't actually do all that much to combat. "Monsters cheat", on the other hand, renders any monster with the heal-self spell largely unkillable. Having something of a middle ground would be good.

Other possibilities for difficulty options:

* No selling to stores (as a halfway with the current ironman_stores option; thus, you could still buy, but only with the cash you find in the dungeon)
* Monsters cannot be frightened
* Monsters don't give experience after killing 10 of that type of monster
* Damage received is always maximized (so a Uruk with a 3d5 melee attack always rolls a 15 for damage, before armor damage reduction kicks in; likewise a manabolt that deals 50+5d10 damage would always hit you for 100)
* Hitpoints/mana don't regenerate during combat (must go N turns without seeing an enemy before regeneration of any kind kicks in)
* Monsters are always awake and have max awareness distance (like hounds)
* Summoning spells are biased towards deeper monsters / uniques
* Every vault is generated with a) no permanent walls, and b) an Umber Hulk or other EAT_WALL monster in the middle (okay, this is pretty silly...)
* Every level is generated with at least one pit of the most dangerous type permissible at that depth
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