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Originally Posted by Dean Anderson View Post
Reading through the change log, I'm actually very pleasantly surprised by it.

I'd got the impression - a false impression it now seems - from reading what people have been saying about the nightly builds that there were big changes happening on an almost daily basis.

But that change log looks nicely conservative (I think Vanilla should change only incrementally, and leave radical stuff to the variants; only after something big is tried and tested in a variant and reasonably universally liked should it be back-ported to V).

So - how long do you guys reckon it will take to go from a release candidate to an actual 3.2 release?
Personally I think 3.2 will be out before the end of the year, though there may well be a 3.2.1 in Jan/Feb with fixes.

Yes, those few lines about code changes (bitflags, parsers etc.) conceal a colossal amount of refactoring. The code looks very different from the 3.1.x series.

I think the issues with changes in nightlies is not that they are large (as you observe, there aren't many of those over the lifetime of a new release), but that they are immediately noticeable, even if small. Since nightlies appear much more quickly than the length of the average game, people have to cope with changes mid-character. I think that's harder than anybody likes to acknowledge.
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