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Crawling on the road...

Coming back from Best Buy with a copy of "Game 'n Music DS", a DS flashcard that plays music, movies, and DS roms. Downloaded Dungeon Crawl DS from and double-tabbed the file...

I'm in!

Finally a REAL ROGUE-ISH game on my ds! To say at least. The controls started out confusing at first, but started getting into it without a problem. There, I have something to play on the road other then Blue Rescue, and Izuna.

Then come some questions that boggled me. Other when trying to figure out why in the hell there's not a single homebrewed Diablo rom for the DS, what if more of these RL could be made for the DS, not just the classics?

For the version I have now on the ds is dated now compare to Stone Soup, and the Graphic mod they have for it. Also, I believe the G'nM flashcard is read-only, it doesn't save, nor real external files in my opinion. But what are your thoughts on porting RLs to the DS?
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