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Originally Posted by thapper View Post
I put together a suggestion. It uses the idea from the Gervais set, that a pile is represented by a few objects on the same tile (for example three objects; a potion, a ring and a scroll). Representing more than one thing on 8x8 pixels is not easy though. The bmp shows all three tiles (16x16 (Bolt), 8x16 (Nomad) and 8x8 (Original)), in the zip file are three separate bmps.
Looks good to me. Great job.

Hi, folks. I am still lurking around the forums here from time to time, just been busy and not really keeping up with development past 3.2.0. Glad to see there seems to be plenty of work being done to improve tile support lately.

I have been working intermittently on a mildly tweaked version of my tile set (mostly just fixing one or two minor errors, improving the visibility of the floor tiles and updating the colours of some monsters to reflect their new ASCII colours in 3.2) so just give me a prod if I haven't got round to posting it by the time the next major release is ready to go.
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