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I've been meaning for a while to go through and add HURT_FIRE and HURT_COLD to some monsters. There was some earlier discussion here. I'm trying to be a little stingy with it, because I don't want to make a whole bunch of monsters much easier. Here is what I am planning so far:

* All molds except the red mold.
* All mushrooms.
* All skeletons except Cantoras. (Edit: removed per suggestions)
* All vampires (except uniques?) (Edit: added)
* All zombies/mummies.
* Cold elementals, vortices, and zephyr hounds.
* Scroll mimics.

* All jellies that aren't currently immune to cold.
* Fire elementals, vortices, and zephyr hounds. (But not plasma ones).
* Potion mimics.
* All reptiles, except Tarrasque (Edit: added)
* All snakes (Edit: added)
* All nagas (Edit2: added)
* All hydras (Edit2: added)

A few notes on things I willfully left out. I think it is best if we don't give HURT_FIRE to every cold-aligned monster (such as dragons) unless that monster is elemental, to keep dragons and wyrms threatening. Similarly, I opted against giving HURT_FIRE to vampires, even though they are corporeal undead, to help distinguish them from skeletons and zombies.

I'm not really satisfied with the number of monsters receiving HURT_COLD compared to HURT_FIRE. There are more creatures with IM_COLD than IM_FIRE (many of them undead), so cold is already less useful than fire. It would be nice to come up with other sensible monsters to give HURT_COLD to, to help even the balance. Alternatively (or additionally), we could decide not to give HURT_FIRE to undead, in which case the balance is not too bad.

Any comments on what I propose above and any additional thoughts/ideas are welcome!

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