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Originally Posted by Max Stats View Post
I saw your pull request with your new mimic code. From the description, it looks great and seems to make mimics behave more like they are expected to from most gaming lore. I wanted to make one suggestion. I would like there to be at least a slight possibility of noticing a mimic before actually getting close enough for it to attack you. I would suggest tying the distance from which the character gets a chance to notice, as well as the chance of success, to the Perception skill. Maybe Rogues should get a tiny extra boost as well, unless the fact that they get the highest Perception skill to begin with seems to be enough of a bonus.

I like this because it gives value to a skill that currently has next to none. I also like the fact that this way characters aren't completely at the mercy of mimics. Unless I am mistaken, the only way to notice one as it stands is to either walk into it and get attacked or get lucky/guess right and hit it with a ranged attack. If you want to balance this out, the mimic's free attack upon failure to notice could be made tougher (perhaps bypassing AC reduction and/or giving possibility to stun).

Incidentally, how does the new code handle searching next to a chest mimic? It says that opening one triggers the attack. I'm thinking searching should have some possibility of triggering the attack, but also some possibility of the character noticing it is a mimic (with the chance of this tied to the Searching skill). Just imagine the character standing and looking very carefully at the chest. Possibly the mimic sees an opening and attacks, or possibly the character spots something suspicious and pulls back.

Anyway, I think the code is a great improvement as it stands, no matter what else is done.
I'm glad you like the new mimics! I like your ideas -- I think it makes sense to give players a Perception roll to discover mimics (something like the traps roll). And I think you're right that searching should either discover or disturb a mimic. I'll work on adding these.

I'd love to hear any and all other mimic ideas -- including ideas for new mimics or lurkers. I'm hoping to add some new ones in 3.4.0.
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