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Originally Posted by EpicMan View Post
Mimics seem pretty common in Roguelikes, here are some IMHO interesting things Mimics can do in other games:

The Mimics in Crawl can teleport away if they are badly hurt and re-mimic as a different item, so you don't know what they will look like anymore.

In ADoM when mimics reveal themselves they become green 'm's. They also have a chance of paralyzing you, making meleeing them very dangerous. The worst mimics, Mimic Hiveminds, can also summon *more* mimics.

The Crawl method makes mimics dangerous more than once, and makes the player sweat a bit if one gets away, since the player no longer knows what the mimic looks like. Combining that with the ADOM paralyzing attacks might be too harsh, however. Then again, with paralyzing attacks being less of an instakill now it might not be.

I do like the idea of a deep mimic that can summon other mimics, it makes running into one a hairy situation.
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