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1) Game turns are simulation steps, during which each entity in the game is allocated energy. Standard turns are player actions, which happen whenever the player has at least 100 energy. At normal speed, there are 10 game turns to each standard turn.

3) Currently the only way to access object level is to look in object.txt. I would also like this to change. The simplest way would be to add a line to the 'I'nspection page saying "You have a damage multiplier of X with this item" for damage-dealing devices, since right now the damage numbers in each item's description are hard-coded.

4) Don't think I understand this question.

6) Chaos attacks can polymorph or confuse monsters. They can cause the player to hallucinate, become confused, and/or lose experience.

7) I suspect this is extra shot power, e.g. boosting a longbow from x3 to x4.

8) rFear (should really be pFear) is protection from the Afraid status ailment. Fear is permanent terror, as gotten from wearing a Ring of Escaping, and overrides rFear.
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