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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I think this is mostly a matter of calibration. But why do you say that the finesse characters are the ones who will need to be able to do damage from a distance? Finesse and prowess characters should be broadly equal in melee; the former have a significant advantage against groups and evasive monsters, while the latter have a significant advantage against absorptive monsters. Are you suggesting that finesse characters should be able to shoot iron golems to death?
I think anyone should be able to shoot iron golems to death, given a good enough launcher and missiles and enough turns. Most characters will probably find it more convenient though to hack and back them to death.

The reason I think finesse characters are more reliant on pot shotting is two-fold: big monsters tend to have high armor rather than evasion, and finesse characters tend to have lower HP. To compensate, they also generally have unlimited phase door (I am thinking rogue, ranger, and mage).

In my current v4 game I'm playing a hobbit rogue with high finesse and con, I have 206 HP at level 26 and am trying to figure out how to deal with Azog etc. I can't take !speed and hack and back, I can't stand and trade (I'll lose HP as fast as I can quaff !CCW), and missiles are going to bounce. What I would normally do is soften him up and then finish him off once my missiles/mana run low. For a mage, missiles are similarly important for softening up targets as they let you conserve mana.

--- random thoughts follow

I think it would make sense to make prowess the primary governor of rate of fire for all missile launchers and finesse the main factor in damage. You'd have lighter stacks of weapons for finesse characters, they could use missile combat to handle high absorption, and prowess characters could use rate of fire to handle monsters like phase spider with high evasion. Physically, if you are barely strong enough to cock your bow, you shouldn't be able to shoot twice in a round with it, no matter how dextrous you may be.

Possibly slings should be limited to one shot per round but have a very high potential damage output since these would be the only launchers that have an unlimited damage increase from prowess.

It would be good if these control parameters could be embedded in the weapon description rather than hard cases in the code based on launcher type. If a variant (or angband) wants to add in a new type of launcher (say an atl-atl) it seems like it would be better to have a path where that can just work.

I could go either way on base prowess or base strength controlling whether you can shoot or not, but I'd like to suggest making it a roll for a misfire (I saw magnate suggesting reduced shot rate, but I'm not sure how you were planning on implementing shot rate below 1/turn-- would that be a slow action?).

Have you considered modifying range based on launcher prowess?

I like the suggestion that missiles don't have +prow/fin. It makes sense since bows don't get slays.

I think this is sounding like a good direction overall.
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