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Had a really fun game last night. I was trolling 950' with the Great Axe of Nogrod, and over 100 hps unbuffed. But I only sustained con and str. I'd never died to Thurinwethil before, and never really even noticed her. She's always sort of melted before me when I've encountered her. Not this time. Drain grace has a snowballing effect which makes you less able to resist further draining. I died at -10 grace, I think, and negative numbers for all the rest of my stats too, even with the sustains.

It was only today that I realized that a Grace potion not only increases grace but gives you temporary grace sustain while the buff is active.

I think in the future, I'll probably make a Robe of Permanence when I can, as long as I have a restore mushroom on hand. One swap for sustain all seems like a good use of an inventory slot.

That was a strange game for the tiny number of dex potions I found. I think I found 3 all game, and I was just on the verge of 1000 being min-depth.

Also found Daillir early, the +11 arrow. Not too useful for a dwarf smith, but still fun. Good for dragonflies.

Actually a really fun game, and not too frustrating a death. I'd never even noticed that vampire before and I have a new respect for her.
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