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[Announce] Poschengband 3.0.0 Released

A beta version is available for Windows and Souce Code.

Please be kind as I made some rather aggressive and risky changes ... hopefully I've found all of the crashes.

What has changed?

* The wilderness is now continuously explorable. As you move about, the wilderness will "scroll". I also added a few scripted encounters. In general, the wilderness is more difficult than before, so be careful!

* Ego items have been massively overhauled, particularly for rings and amulets. Lots of new stuff here! (I've liberally borrowed ideas from other variants including the latest Hengband, Angband and TinyAngband.)

* Dungeon generation has been massively overhauled with the addition of 165 new types of rooms! (Rooms can be added to v_info.txt rather than created in source code. New submissions would be welcome! But don't look in v_info.txt unless you want the game to be "spoiled" ...)

* I added a new command to list nearby monsters ('['). This is useful if you play on a small screen like I do.

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