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Well, there was this time where I was in this really weird adventure trying to rescue some farmer's chickens, and we were fighting all these basilisks or something, and we found these little chickens inside boxes (which the NPC paladin had some sort of fetish for twisting their necks around)... all the time not realizing that the farmer's "chickens" were in fact the basilisks we were slaying, and not the "chickens-in-the-box" that we were collecting! :P

Not to mention "mock the dead dragon's skull... OK, the ceiling collapses as you have angered the spirit of the dead dragon!" Or the "exploding Milky Way bar" quest... or the whiny "I'm tired... I'm hungry... I'm bleeeeeeding!" NPC...

/me wonders if insane dungeon master Dan is around anywhere...
You read the scroll labeled NOBIMUS UPSCOTI...
You are surrounded by a stasis field!
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