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Originally Posted by noxincane View Post
I killed my half orc slave, then I cut off his dick and went back to the Inn and I snuck up to a party members room picked the lock and hit him with sleeping gas. Then I used magical thread to sew the half orcs penis to his head then I used fey step back to my room.
This is disturbing on so many levels. Yet, I'm curious as to the rolls/skill checks needed to accomplish such a task and what class was your character (thief/seamstress)? I hope you were wearing your Gloves of Orcish Neutering. Why kill your own slave, are anonymous orcs so hard to find. Has your DM been released from the insane asylum yet? Despite my extensive D&D experience, I don't think I've ever used the following terms during game play: "cut off his dick", "sleeping gas", "magical thread", and "orcs penis".
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