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Originally Posted by Zikke View Post
I Our DM (who is great at it) privately rolls wandering monster checks when our group gets chatty IRL.
I eventually resorted to throwing things at people- just massy enough to sting, but not massy enough to injure. But we were pretty much barbarians back then. I used to have pretty big parties (think >100 people) on Saturday nights at that house, so we were often playing in a fair bit of rubble anyway.

I remember one night someone who worked at Dunkin Donuts went there and got a garbage bag full of donuts that were slated for the trash. They then came back to my house and spent an enjoyable hour or so tossing them, one by one, into my somewhat overpowered ceiling fan. Unfortunately they were mainly chocolate cream donuts. I was not amused, but at least I had plenty of ammunition for DnD. About a year later I found the last bit of chocolate cream (I think- mwahahaha), stuck to the inside of my front door just above eye level. Good times, though you couldn't pay me enough to repeat them.
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