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Originally Posted by Petoften View Post
How do you recharge a wand when you have multiples - like '3 wands with 19 charges' as they get lower?

You're supposed to charge one only when it's low, right? Should you drop one at a time and look for a low one?
Charges are implemented in a crude way. The game does not keep track of the charges of each individual item, but only of the number of charges of the whole stack; when you separate a wand from a stack of n it always gets 1/n charges, rounded. This makes it very tedious to micromanage the number of charges, and I think most players don't bother doing it --- they just recharge when the stack is at 0 and that's it.

Also: weapons that cause earthquakes are annoying because they make dungeon navigation cumbersome. Most players won't touch them with a 10ft pole (apart from maybe wearing a certain 'trophy' artifact at the very end of the game, just before quitting).
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