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Originally Posted by fph View Post
Charges are implemented in a crude way. The game does not keep track of the charges of each individual item, but only of the number of charges of the whole stack; when you separate a wand from a stack of n it always gets 1/n charges, rounded. This makes it very tedious to micromanage the number of charges, and I think most players don't bother doing it --- they just recharge when the stack is at 0 and that's it.
Doesn't the risk of destroying the item when recharging increase the more charges it has? So, you don't want to recharge much?

If that's the case, doesn't it defeat the purpose of carrying multiple of the same item, because you only want a few charges?

Also: weapons that cause earthquakes are annoying because they make dungeon navigation cumbersome. Most players won't touch them with a 10ft pole (apart from maybe wearing a certain 'trophy' artifact at the very end of the game, just before quitting).
Ya, I left that weapon on the ground. Just thought it was interesting with the (14,14) and earthquake I hadn't seen.

Maybe if it had been on something better than a pick.

Also people said 'watch for acid branded' and clarifying the reason.
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