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My thoughts on the Druid spells:

Since I don't dive fast, I ended up having many levels between when I had all the store bought spells (first two books) and finally got the 3rd book. This was Ok I guess, but kind of disappointing.

Lesser Charms
a. Detect Life -- Nice L1 utility spell. Used off and on the whole game.
b. Fox Form -- I liked its utility, though I would have liked something that helped me kill things in the early game. Used it more deeper probably, when I wanted more stealth for picking up loot on the floor without fighting stuff.
c. Remove Hunger -- standard food spell
d. Stinking Cloud -- Ok early damage spell. Not useful for long.
e. Confuse Monster -- I never used it. Never do an any character really.
f. Slow Monsters -- Didn't use it. I find phase door scrolls more to my liking.

Gifts of Nature
a. Cure Poison - Always nice to have in early levels
b. Resist Poison - Also nice. Probably used it most in late levels to get doubled up resist Poison for nasty breathers.
c. Turn Stone to Mud - Again a useful and much used Utlity spell.
d. Sense Surroundings - Used this all the time, liked having it. Made up for not having a light spell.
e. Lighting Strike - Main damage for many levels. It blowing up potions was not great, ended up doing that to some good potions. But, it was how I killed stuff, so that's how it went.
f. Earth Rising - Used along with Lightning strike when monsters were lined up or there was a potion I didn't want to AE. I found Lightning Strike to be overall better though.

Creature Dominion
a. Trance -- I think this is broken, it never worked for more than one turn when I tried it in L20-30ish range. Never went back to it.
b. Mass Sleep -- used it a couple of times. Nice to have, not game changing.
c. Become Pukel-Man -- Carried me through the mid level uniques, probably too powerful on the damage reduction, I shouldn't be able to kill the unique Trolls in melee with no healing and crappy melee. Less useful deeper with higher damage monsters, spell casters, and breathers.
d. Eagle's Flight -- used sometimes to run away, but didn't use much. Wasn't worth the cast usually for just running around.
e. Bear Form -- Used late game when meleeing - going from 4 to 5 blows plus the +hit and +dam was nice. There's no way for a 250 damage a cast meteor swarms to compete with a big weapon that slays dragons powerfully, once stats are maxed.

Nature Craft
a. Tremor -- Never used. I don't like earthquakes messing up the terrain.
b. Haste Self -- L25 spell, wonderful to have this
c. Revitalize -- Always lovely to have restore stats and life whenever I wanted.
d. Rapid Regeneration -- the only "Heal" spell for a druid. Rather disappointing actually. Healed less than a Healing potion as far as I could tell, and required another cast of Satisfy Hunger too. Used it before pulls sometimes, but it's effect was minimal I think.
e. Herbal Curing - I don't think I ever used it. I think by the time I could cast it at L40, I resisted everything it cured already.

Wild Forces
a. Meteor Swarm -- Great damage spell, not resistable. Mana cost was good. Had to watch it from destroying stuff.
b. Rift -- Didn't use it much, typically don't want to randomly blink stuff around, especially summoners. Didn't do more damage than Meteor Swarm, so was little point to it.
c. Ice Storm - great AoE for when you can use it, nice to clear rooms of weak stuff. But, casting this on a room full dangerous stuff just invites them all to cast and breath on you, so it didn't get much use, since I avoid that sort of exposure.
d. Volcanic Eruption - I don't like earthquake spells, so didn't use it.
e. River of Lightning - 250% the mana cost of Meteor Swarm for not much more damage than Meteor swarm. I didn't end up using it - again, I don't like to be in line of sight with that many bad guys deep in Angband.
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