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Originally Posted by gglibertine View Post
Thanks for posting. I'm going to enlist my husband (who does code) to help me decipher this.
I hope he has the patience of a saint because it's infuriatingly indirect. Yes, it's "only" two levels at first sight, but then you realize that there are the two dimensions of STR/DEX... The quickest way (for me) was honestly just putting DEX+STR + the tables into a spreadsheet and doing the weird "indexing dance" from there. (That doesn't help you optimize, directly, but at least you can do hypotheticals pretty easily.)

This mess could really stand to be simplified, especially given that these numbers seem quite arbitrary. (Of course, it might have been originally derived from a function, but saved as concrete numbers. Even if it happened in the 1980s I'm not sure if there's any excuse for not just having that in the code and pre-computing the tables on startup, so this parenthetical hypothesis seems kind of dubious...)
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