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Originally Posted by AnonymousHero View Post
This mess could really stand to be simplified, especially given that these numbers seem quite arbitrary. (Of course, it might have been originally derived from a function, but saved as concrete numbers.
Edit: Disregard this comment. As wobbly pointed out, i looked at the wrong table.

Comment from an old version:
 * This table allows quick conversion from "speed" to "energy"
 * The basic function WAS ((S>=110) ? (S-110) : (100 / (120-S)))
 * Note that table access is *much* quicker than computation.
 * Note that the table has been changed at high speeds.  From
 * "Slow (-40)" to "Fast (+30)" is pretty much unchanged, but
 * at speeds above "Fast (+30)", one approaches an asymptotic
 * effective limit of 50 energy per turn.

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