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Perhaps an example is helpful? A human warrior with recommended stats:
18/20 str
18/20 dex
dagger weight is 12 deci-pounds, however Min warrior weight for calculations is 30.
warrior class multiplier = 5

Looking up 18/20 dex in the 3rd table (dex index) we get 3. That is the column number. Looking at table 1, column 3 you will see it's actually got 18/20 dex written on it.

Looking up 18/20 str in the 2nd table we get 40.
40 x 5 = 200 ( adj_str x class multiplier)
200 / 30 = 6.66 (adj_str x class multiplier / weapon weight)
we round down - row 6

reading column 3, row 6 we get 33. This is energy/blow. 3 blows would take 99 energy.

You get your turn when energy reaches 100 (You & all monsters gain energy every "game tick" depending on speed, this is the table Werbaer mentioned). So our warrior gets 3 blows spending 99 energy then waits for his/her energy to reach 100 again. If he/she kills something with 2 blows he/she spends 66 energy instead (I believe you don't get the final blow till you reach 100 again but would have to check)

Note 1.5 blows (66 energy/turn) technically means 1 blow costing 66 energy. If you were dead on 100 energy, you'd hit once and spend 66 leaving 34 energy. You would then reach 100 energy (your next turn) sooner.

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