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Priests, what is your Morgoth tactic ?

Let me hear what is your preferred tactic for the final Morgoth fight with a Priest.

My current character has 2/3 viable setups, one with 3 immunities, 300 DPS and +34 Spd hasted, and 4 sustains (no sWIS). 18/110 STR so a MoD is out of the question.
Another has +55 Spd hasted, 160 DPS, no sustains. I can change weapon and drop to +47 Spd hasted, 320 DPS, but again no sustains.
Sure, i can cast Restoration, but it costs a lot of mana.

My launcher sucks.

My initial idea was to build a fortress of Glyphs and use Annihilation (3% fail). Orb is not really viable, as it just takes too many castings, and generally it becomes a summoning nightmare as Morgoth calls hordes of dangerous breathers.
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