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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
Let me hear what is your preferred tactic for the final Morgoth fight with a Priest.
Combination of Wands of Annihilation and Orb of Draining. No Glyphs of Warding (i use these only with melee characters).

I use Wands of Drain Life, Annihilation, and Dragon Fire/Frost to kill high-level non-evil uniques. Sometimes i have a stack of Annihilation wands left to use vs Morgoth, sometimes i don't.

Yes, it takes ~130 Orbs to kill Morgoth. But with the Banish Evil spell and some potions of Restore Mana, a priest has the time.

I try to save all scrolls of Banishment and Mass Banishment for the final fight. In addition, i use Banish Evil sometimes to teleport away summons. I had one game where i didn't use Banishment or Mass Banishment at all in the final fight, only Banish Evil and Teleport Other.

Since i don't melee, i even carry Staffs of Banishment sometimes. In current versions, summoned monsters are placed with 0 Energy. So with a speed of +34, i am guaranteed 2 actions before 'fast' monsters move. When Morgoth summons only evil monsters (dragons, demons, undead), and nothing very fast and dangerous, i can try to use the staff. If it fails, i still can use a scroll, or Banish Evil if Morgoth casts a Mana Storm.
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