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I am playing "King's Bounty - The Legend" since it came out last autumn.
I stopped playing for no specific reason in february and started again a few days ago.
This game is surprisingly addicting.

I have been playing the Heroes of Might and Magic series from the very beginning. KBTL is similiar and different in many aspects.
It's one very large campaign sprawling over five different isles populated by the usual fantasy races. There are lots of decent or funny side quests and many battles to be fought.
You can choose among three starting classes (warrior, paladin and mage) and struggle your way through the game with different sorts of troops, which often may change depending on the area you are exploring.
There are lots of spells and items and special "Spirits of Rage" to encourage your cause. You may even marry and get advantages from the skills of your wife and your upcoming children.

The world is very colorful und atmospheric, even moody sometimes. For example, the setting and quests on the Freedom Islands resemble the swashbuckling Pirates of the Carribean feeling.

Oh, an addon is on it's way too.

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