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Should it be mentioned somewhere that shadow melee attacks ignore protection?

I just managed to die to a shadow with a character that had just killed Duruin while barely taking a scratch (high protection + Hador's shield). I was surprised when the shadow seemed to hit me quite a bit harder than anything else I had fought recently (Duruin, giants, sapphire serpents, werewolves). Then I suddenly remembered that touch attacks ignore protection, which I had discovered only recently while going through the source code for the various attack methods to implement them correctly in fsil. Unfortunately it was too late for my poor character, who was already low on HP and ran into some monsters while trying to run away from the shadow.

I think it's fine that shadows ignore protection, but it should probably be more transparent in-game (no pun intended); perhaps it could be somehow indicated in the attack message, or at least in the monster memory. Alternatively I guess you could just mention it in the manual - after all, resistances aren't explained in-game either. As it is now, I never noticed this before going through the source code and now dying (probably because I never had a character with so much protection before that it was so obvious; until recently I always played with an 80x24 terminal, so I never saw the combat rolls either).

In the interest of consistency I suppose it could also be mentioned somewhere that molds (or rather 'spore' attacks) also ignore protection and always hit, and that worms (or 'crawl' attacks) halve protection rolls. These don't seem to matter that much in practice though. The mold effect becomes obvious quite quickly very early in the game, and worms are rarely a threat.

Incidentally I think something should be done about worm breeding, but that's another can of worms!
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