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So playing the new nightlies as a High Elf Warrior again. On DL14 and an 8-8 feeling. Kinda thinking I should probably not play the level seeing as I am not very powerful yet, but I say what the hay, I have one ?Teleportation and 2?Create Traps, and still holding onto my !rHeat and !rCold. Create Traps seems much more useful with the new "Everyone is great at searching" feature, since it only takes one turn to find out if you got a trap door, instead of fumbling around searching for your potential escape, only to find out it's a bunch of summoning and reduce stat traps.

Well, found an ant pit and easily cleared it. Inside an xbow of power and some boots of "Quick! Find some scrolls of DD quick!" And I mean *quick* <+10>. Time to ?Recall out of here before I find out what's causing the other half of the level's feeling! I'm playing without forced descent so that if I am able to crash dive to DL98 I can hang out there a few levels before being forced to fight Sauron.

Hah, so this is fun: forgot to buy ?WoR and so went down to DL5 to get some gold and then slowly started climbing toward the surface. On DL2 I decided to read a new scroll: ?DD. I guess I won't be buying any WoR anytime soon.

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