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Talking font size

Oh, thanks a lot Tiberius. I actually got a new screen 2 days ago, with more but smaller pixels, so I really needed some font resizing! Did I miss any tutorial / manual where this is explained? Actually now I know I think I could have experimented more with those 'Window' options, but under MS Windows I've become so used to truetype fonts that I never realized that it were separate settings.
Another thing that could be explained is that the tile size is a multiplier of the font-size, so changing the font also changes the tiles.
Knowing better how it works, I just changed 1 terminal to a different font size, and then changed the rest with copy-paste in the angband.ini file.
If you look at that file, you see the terminal size is expressed in lines and columns, which are probably rounded down, so any pixel-precise sizing will be lost the next time. The position is stored in pixels, so that shouldn't change I would think.

All in all my reported bug is resolved, but the whole system has a number of co-dependencies and side effects that make it hard to understand and handle. Perhaps the price for system-independence?
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