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requesting some numbers from other players

I've been working a little side project: I wanted a script that would let me compare two weapons to determine which would do more damage for my character at a given dungeon depth.

I've thrown together a perl script that parses monster.txt and monster_base.txt, with the plan of using the data to generate a random but representative sampling of monsters for a given level.

I plan to fudge the uniques, by including the level-appropriate ones once in my sample, and increasing the number of other monsters generated for that level to approximate the proper ratio between uniques and non-uniques.

I see in my current game that I've slain almost 19000 monsters total, of which 64 have been uniques, and I'm down to level 50. So that gives me 1.28 uniques/level and 380 regular monsters per level, and about 300:1 ratio between uniques and non-uniques. That's a lot lower than I expected!

If a few other players at various stages of the game would take a look at their monster history and post their total slain and number of uniques slain and dungeon level reached I'd appreciate it as it would help me refine this guestimate.

If you go to monster knowledge and look at the bottom line of the sreen for Uniques and any other monster type it gives the two number slain counts.

Thanks for your assistance!
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