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Originally Posted by Tibarius View Post
But i think each class should be fun to play if you like the theme of the class. Mages are spell casters - i have no clue why the first attack spell should show up at level 8.
And this is where the main disagreement is about how mages "ought" to play. The funny thing is that Angband mages have never been best-off relying solely on spells. Their attack magic was lackluster for the first decade or so of the game's existence, being overpriced and underpowered. And while that's been fixed, magic devices are still entirely competitive with direct spellcasting.

I personally like that mages are not a class where you can get away with ignoring everything that isn't in a spellbook (to hyperbolize a bit). That is, while they are spellcasters, that is not the sole defining trait of the class or the way they solve every problem they encounter.

That said, it does sound like they need a more clear path to getting up off the ground than they have in this first pass at reworking magic. I don't really see how a newbie could be expected to play a mage with any amount of success; are we explicitly relegating the class to be for experts only?
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