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I am now CLVL 38 and here's what I discovered:
  • Pulverize spell stays around the same - average for most of the time. Ok for most cases, rather weak when uniques appear.
  • Melee is ok to use once good weapon is obtained, but still it is better (for me) to teleport around and flood enemies with pulverize.
  • Magical damage can be increased with items, with rign of wizardy, for example, although gain is quite weak.
  • good to have some magical devices what you can smash strong monsters with. Now I carry around wand of mana bolt (130-200 dmg) wand of Dragon frost (160 dmg). Still not enough to take down elites, but still nice to have.
  • Always have wand of teleport away when some nasty unique appear
  • Usual tactics for me is Pulverize + minor displacement + phychic drain.
  • Tactics against uniques sometimes - domination + stay away (let all dirty job be done by pets)
As kt making better in time to time
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