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I have no problem with the "priests only use blunt or blessed weapons" thing. Yeah, it's old-school D&D, but for thematic class differentiation, it's better than nothing. Especially since, at present, the penalty for non-compliance is fairly mild compared with the benefits of wielding a good (for your current level) non-blessed artifact blade.

If we wanted to be more thematic about things, we could specify (by race or by some option) which god each priest character serves, and have the requirement be to wield a weapon of the sort that the god favors. But that would be a lot of work, as we'd basically have to rewrite everything having to do with weapons in order to make Angband recognize more fine-grained distinctions than just blunt vs sharp.

As for some of the other suggestions, remember that there already are penalties for a lot of those things. Casters of all sorts take SP penalties for excessive armor weight. Arcane casters take additional penalties for gloves other than FA and Dex. Everybody gets a to-hit penalty for heavy body armor, and perhaps that should be increased for characters with low Str. Everybody also gets a penalty for weapon weight in that heavy weapons get fewer blows, and additional to-hit penalty for being really badly overweight relative to the character's stats.

Taking all these factors into account, it just doesn't make sense to change the priest penalty to any other basis besides sharp weaponry.
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